Taking Care of Your Body Pillows

Taking Care of Your Body Pillows


How to Take Care of Your Body Pillows

When you first receive your pillow, remove from the packaging, and leave out to fully form. Because your pillow comes non-vacuumed (our premium pillows are not vacuum packed, it should bounce back in no time). Leave vacuum packed pillows out for 24 hours before use. 

Reshaping your pregnancy body pillow regularly can extend its life and keep it fluffy for your comfort. Due to their sizes, the easiest way to fluff larger pillows such as Sanggol Maternity Pillow, Body Pillow, Boomerang Pillow, J Pillow is in the sun. Click here to find out more about Reshaping Your Sanggol Pillows.

Can I wash my pillow? 

Yes! Our sleeping pillow for pregnancy is made from high quality fine strands of fibre filling or down and feather filling. Moreover, Sanggol PREMIUM pillows and down and feather pillows can be washed. It is better to use your pillow with a removable pillowcase so you can remove and wash the cover regularly rather than the pillow itself. However, our single cover pillows are washable, this is because the fillings are made from high quality long lasting washable fibers.

What you need from best body pillow:

  • High capacity or commercial washing machine and dryer for easy circulation 
  • A pair of laundry balls 
  • Mild detergent 

Washing your best body pillow

  1. Place the pillow and the laundry balls in your high capacity washing machine  
  2. Wash at 35 degrees 
  3. Spin dry 
  4. Remove and place in a high capacity dryer 

 Drying your Pillow 

  1. If you are using a separate dryer, remember to transfer the laundry balls from the washing machine to the dryer, with your washing. 
  2. Make sure you are using a high capacity or commercial dryer 
  3. Spin dry after the wash cycle 
  4. Start the drying cycle in your dryer or washer dryer and dry for a minimum of 2 hours on medium heat 
  5. Check for clumps after the drying.  
  6. If clumpy, dry some more until no longer clumpy 
  7. When dry, hand fluff to form.
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