How to Reshape Your Body Pillow

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How to Reshape Your Body Pillow

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When you first receive your pillow, remove from the packaging, and leave out to fully form. Because your pillow comes non- vacuumed (our premium pillows are not vacuum packed, it should bounce back in no time.  Leave vacuumed pack pillows out for 24 hours before use.

Reshaping your body pillows regularly can extend its life and keep it fluffy for your comfort. Due to their sizes, the easiest way to fluff larger pillows such as Sanggol Maternity Pillow, Body Pillow, Boomerang Pillow, J Pillow is in the sun. Here is how you reshape your Sanggol pillows:

Reshaping Larger Pillows

You may need to put your pillow out in the sun by hanging it outside on your clothesline . Whilst this is quite easy in summer months, sadly, for colder months you will need to find a window of a couple of hours of sun. The sun absorbs moisture within the pillow and helps the pillow to bounce back to its original shape.

About three to four hours should be enough time to make sure the sun absorbs the moisture within the pillows

Reshaping by Hand 

  1. Lay the pillow flat on your bed or flat surface. 
  2. kneel or lean at the bottom of the pillow over.  
  3. Place your palms on either side inward-facing and slap continuously until the filling feels loose or fluffy,  
  4. Do the same along each section of the pillow until fluffed. 
  5. Keep doing this until every part has been fluffed, 

Reshaping Using a Clothes Dryer 

 You can re-shape your smaller pillow using your drier.

 You will need a couple of tennis ball or washing balls or similar, to run this method of fluffing.

  1. We suggest that you use a high capacity or commercial dryer especially for our larger pillows.
  2. Put the tennis balls in a sock and tie the sock with the ball in it.
  3. Place the sock and the pillow in the clothes dryer. 
  4. Run the dryer on low for a few minutes say 20 minutes.
  5. You may also dry by leaving outside in the sun for three to four hours.

To maintain their shape, you should hand-fluff pillows regularly.
Washing your pillowcases regularly is a good idea so dirt is not absorbed into your pillow. Sanggol PREMIUM pillows are machine washable.

Changing your pillows every three to four years is also a great idea as you can avoid 'limping' that occurs when pillows have been used for too long.

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