Insomnia's Prank

Insomnia's Prank 

When Sleep Goes on Vacation

In bed I lay, my eyes wide awake,
Insomnia's prank, oh, what a mistake!
The clock ticks on, the night goes long,
Sleep eludes me, something's wrong!

I count sheep, I count to ten,
I even try counting sloths, oh, when?
But slumber plays a sneaky trick,
It hides away, like a sly old hick.

Pillows fluffed, and blankets snug,
I toss and turn, like a dancing bug,
My mind's a circus, thoughts in flight,
Who invited them for the slumber night?

In the morning light, with messy hair,
I'll look back on this sleepless affair,
For now, I'll laugh, embrace the grin,
Insomnia, you won't win! (Well, maybe just tonight).


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