A Night of Heavenly Bliss

Sanggol's Pillows

A Night of Heavenly Bliss

In the arms of Sanggol’s pillows, dreams take flight,
Soft as clouds, they cradle you through the night.
Their embrace so tender, like a warm, gentle breeze,
In slumber’s sweet sanctuary, you find release.
With each restful moment, worries start to fade,
As stress and tension melt, like a serenade.
Their plushness and support, a perfect blend,
A haven of comfort, on which you depend.
From dusk till dawn, they promise blissful repose,
A sanctuary of peace, where tranquility flows.
Sanggol’s pillows, your sleep’s faithful friend,
With them, a night of heavenly rest, without end.

Our light-hearted and playful take on pregnancy, insomnia, sleeping  and having a baby.  What do you think? Tell us if you enjoy this. Feel free to leave any comment below.

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