The Big News - A poem about expecting

In a world of cravings and swollen feet,
A secret's brewing, oh so sweet!
A bun in the oven, a bump on the rise,
We're expecting a baby, to our surprise!

The belly grows, like a balloon it inflates,
Cravings for pickles and ice cream create,
Waddling like a penguin, we embrace the change,
This baby's arrival, our lives rearrange.

Presents and laughter, friends gather near,
Gifts wrapped in joy and baby gear,
Diapers, onesies, and toys galore,
Our hearts swell, we can't ask for more!

Finally, the day has come at last,
Tiny fingers, a love unsurpassed,
Our world now filled with giggles and coos,
We welcome you, our bundle of news!

A light-hearted and playful take on pregnancy and having a baby.  What do you think? Tell us if you enjoy our take on pregnancy and sleep poetry. Feel free to leave any comment below.

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