Pillow's Embrace

Pillow's Embrace

A Haven of Dreams

In the land of dreams, where slumbers reign,
Lies a pillow soft, where comfort's name is lain.
Its feathery embrace, a tender touch,
Guides weary souls to rest, to sleep, as such.
Oh, pillow divine, a sanctuary of peace,
Where worries dissolve, and anxieties cease.
In silent whispers, it cradles our head,
As we journey to dreamlands, lightly tread.
With downy clouds, it cradles each curve,
A haven of solace, where dreams will swerve.
Beneath the moon's gentle glow, we lay,
In your warm embrace, we'll gently sway.
Through nights of storms or stars that gleam,
Your gentle support remains our dream.
For in your softness, we find release,
A respite from life's endless crease.
Oh, pillow dear, in your warmth, we find,
A place of solace for the restless mind.
As the night unfolds its tender charms,
In your embrace, we find love's arms.
So, let us lay our heads upon you now,
And to your sweet embrace, we shall bow.
In dreams, we'll wander, and visions roam,
In this perfect pillow, we find our home.

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