Whispers of Slumber

Whispers of Slumber

A Pillow's Lullaby

In a dreamy realm where stars do dance,
A pillow lies in sweetest trance,
Its form a canvas, blank and proud,
A wonder born, soft as clouds.

Enfolded in its feathered embrace,
In slumber's arms, we find our place,
With every touch, a sigh bestowed,
A gentle haven for the weary road.

A tapestry of moonlit gleam,
Where fantasy and reality seam,
A refuge for the restless mind,
In its comfort, solace we find.

Beneath the heavens' twinkling light,
It cradles dreams that take to flight,
A vessel to worlds unknown,
As day's chaos in dreams is sown.

Upon this pillow, we confide,
The secrets that we dare to hide,
A trusted friend in darkest hours,
Absorbing tears like summer showers.

Through nights of joy and nights of sorrow,
It holds us close, till the morrow,
Through life's tides, it stays unwavering,
A haven, soft, and ever-caring.


Our light-hearted and playful take on pregnancy, insomnia, sleeping  and having a baby.  What do you think? Tell us if you enjoy this. Feel free to leave any comment below.

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Oh, pillow, soft as clouds above,
A balm for hearts that ache and love,
In your embrace, we lay our heads,
And drift to dreams on downy beds.

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